Life presents numerous opportunities to pop the wine bottle and celebrate. You may also want to have a few collections in your house to entertain your visitors, relax the nerves, or wash down a great meal. There are thousands of wine brands, and things to know about wines. George Town Vineyard believes in having the best in life and enjoying every moment.

Taking wine has immense health benefits when consumed well, at the right time and quantity. We offer all the information about New Zealand wines and where to find them. Do not worry if you have never tasted or do not understand anything about this divine drink as we will educate you to satisfaction.


Wine tasting forums

Investing in a whole bottle of wine only to realise that you cannot stand the taste will discourage many people. It should not. You should feel like james bond while drinking a glass of wine and enjoy every sip. We offer wine tasting services to allow everyone to try to find their taste before buying. Tasting beforehand will open your eyes into the world of varieties of wines. Apart from the precious flavours to cherish, wine tasting events offer excellent networking opportunities which come with numerous benefits.

Wine Sale

You can always get a bottle or many for special occasions or to keep when you have the right company. We offer a wide variety of wines brands for all times to excite all tastes. If you prefer wine fermented for years, New Zealand boasts of selling only excellent tasting drinks. One can be sure that you will get the best rates possible.

Wine Club

How about being a member of an exclusive wine club? George Town Vine Yard offers anyone an opportunity to be part of a wine club. With a small annual fee, you will enjoy the full benefits of a grand community and opportunities. Family recipes and pairing suggestions, an exclusive newsletter about the club happenings, discounts on all items and events, are some of the members’ privileges.


Undoubtedly no event is complete without a glass of wine. We will help you make your event extraordinary by advising on foods and wine pairing, and presentation that will wow your guests. Whether you intend to have an indoor or outdoor setup, we are sure to make it memorable. We also deliver for events like weddings, seminars, birthdays or get together at very competitive rates.

Gift Vouchers

It is said that one of the very best presents you can give to someone special is a gift. What other gift is better than well processed, fermented, and packaged wine from well-known brands. We offer well picked and packed gift packages at unmatched prices. If you wish to present it in style, we will do it for you as well.