New Zealand is known for many things by people across the world, one of the most famous and notable being their wines. The region has a perfect climate for some of the tastiest and best wines due to the combination of damp soil, warm sunshine and intermittent rain. If you are a newcomer to New Zealand wines, or even if you are not, here are some of the can’t miss wines:

Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc

This is one of, if not the most, top-selling New Zealand wines in the world. It is also a wine with a rich history; having been first made back in 1979. It is unique in its taste and incredibly aromatic with a variety of flavours from melon to green pepper. The different notes and flavours make it a distinct wine that pairs well with many different foods, or even great standalone wine.

Church Road Hawke’s Bay

This Chardonnay is affordable, but what it lacks in the price tag, it makes up for in fresh flavours. The first vintage chardonnay was made back in 1990 and is a delightful combination of oaky flavours and bright, fresh fruit. It’s texture can and is described as buttery but also deep. It is so strong in taste that it is great for everything from a dinner party to something more casual like while watching your favourite movies from the 80s on the couch.

Church Road Hawke’s Bay also makes a great red wine, with some of the best Merlot, Cabernet as well as Malbec. The flavours are complex, rich and deep, and the best part? All of their red wines are under $20, typically around $15.

Clos de Ste. Anne Chardonnay

This wine is impressive across the board, with rich and powerful flavours, meaning it can hold its own. The flavours are bright and citrusy, making them an excellent option for a hearty chicken, poultry or fish meal or even for a great sangria or spritzer.

Dry River Martinborough Pinot Gris

Making its debut in 1986, it was love at first sight, made in small batches, it offers wine lovers of all shapes and sizes an adventure of flavours. It has a deep body, rich texture and a long lasting taste. The bright peach and citrus flavours are balanced with subtle but very present notes of spices.

Pegasus Bay Riesling

Riesling is unique and is quite tricky to make. It requires the perfect climate, including a balance of bursts of cold. The lower temperatures help ripen grapes and infuse them with flavour without losing or sacrificing acidity. This particular Riesling is crisp yet sweet and is a must try as New Zealand has some of the most outstanding Rieslings in the world. Some of these Rieslings face the risk of climate change impacting the ability to make great Riesling.